Mission Statement

Cloud is a game-changer in the Software world. It has changed the way we used to think about software development.

With so many features that one can get off the shelf, write from a virtual machine to sophisticated implementation of complex machine learning algorithms, the cloud has been playing the role of the great equalizer. Now one does not need to be a tech expert or have deep pockets to create software and applications. Anyone with a vision and an idea can onboard a cloud platform, and get started. We are seeing so many startups these days, thanks to the cloud which provides cost-effective and easy-to-use tech.

With the ease of use, also comes challenges. So much is happening in the cloud world, it is difficult to keep a track of everything. With so many options available for solving a problem, it becomes challenging to make sure we make the right choice.

Cloudy For Sure or CFS has a vision to provide all relevant information about cloud in one place. We are trying to build a community that can help all cloud enthusiasts learn, share, communicate with other members with similar interests.