Cloud Computing

People who are in software development for more than a decade, understands the importance of change that has been brought by the cloud. Think of a scenario, where you a cool idea for a service or an application, you do a small POC and want to show it to your friends or colleagues. In pre-cloud era, you would need to buy some hardware, setup a static IP (which btw would cost you fortune), buy licenses for hardware and softwares, make sure you have proper power backups, and the list continuos. All this pain just for a test app, forget about a production level deployment.

Coming to today’s scenario, if I need to deploy an application and share a test link with my friends, all I need to do is to login into my favorite cloud platform, get a free tier VM, deploy my application and share the link. This would hardly take me 5 minutes, and mostly would be done free of cost (most cloud services have free tier support for these test scenarios).

The above mentioned is just a simple scenario where we are using a VM off the shelf from a cloud service provider. In reality, you have a plethora of services to choose from ranging from the compute to database to machine learning to IoT and whatnot. Cloud computing has really changed the way we use to imagine the software development process.

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